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Spartan Pest Control offers safe, effective Calgary pest control services, this includes both Residential and commercial pest control. Our trained technicians provide the most up-to-date treatments ensuring all customers pest issues are solved in a timely manor. We employ exterminators that specialize in rodent control, ant, wasp, and spider treatments, and proactive measures like our Residential Pest Programs. We guarantee our customers amazing results with 100% satisfaction! Services include interior and exterior pest treatments along with wildlife removal and sanitation clean-ups involving rodent and pigeon waste.

$29.95 Per Month - 12 Month Contract

  • Services every 35 – 60 Days
  • (2) Exterior Bait Station Rentals
  • Voles, Rats, and Mice Included
  • Add Extra Station ($5.85 / Month)
  • Electronic Reporting & Images

$49.95 Per Month - 12 Month Contract

  • Services Every 35 – 60 Days
  • (3) Insect sprays In Summer
  • (2) Exterior Rodent Rentals
  • Voles, Rats, and Mice
  • Ants, Spiders, and Beetles

$69.95 Per Month - 12 Month Contract

  • Services Every 35 – 60 Days
  • Rodent + Insect Program Pests
  • (3) Mosquito Treatments
  • (2) Wasp Traps + (1) Decoy Nest
  • (2) Wasp Nest Removal Credits


2022 Pest Control Pricing & Costs

At Spartan Pest Control, we take great pride in being as transparent as possible. Below is a list of how our treatments work, along with general pricing involved when treating most common pest issues. Don’t forget to do research before hiring the first Exterminator in Calgary you contact. Check their reviews, chemicals used, treatment process, guarantees, experience, and above all else, ask questions! For custom pricing involving Calgary Bed Bugs, fill out our online contact request form and one of our trained Pest Control Technicians will be in contact right away. Scroll down to see our pricing on all common pest issues in Alberta. 


Ants are one of the most common insects our Calgary Exterminators treat on a regular basis. Most common jobs on the exterior cost $265 + tax and come with our 75 day guarantee, this means that if the Ants come back in large numbers, we will return free of charge and provide another treatment at no cost. “I have Ants on the inside of my house” No Problem! Including the interior only adds an additional $55 to the total treatment cost. While treating the interior, no one is to be in the house during treatment, and for 4 hours after. The above price is for homes 2400 SQF and lower. Don’t forget, when booking with neighbors you can save up to 25% each!

Affordable price, above industry guarantee, and great customer service… this is what sets Spartan Pest Control apart from almost all other pest control companies in Calgary. Stop over paying with little to no guarantee, find out why we are one of Calgary’s TOP pest control companies. For clients with recurring pest issues looking to save on treatments, check out our one-of-a-kind Pest Programs. Our residential Pest Defence Programs offer customers a cheaper, long-term option when dealing with most pest related issues. You wont find this amount of coverage, and pricing anywhere else in Alberta… (we’ve checked!) – Pest Control in Calgary can sometimes be a pain, but not with our programs!


Did the snow just melt and you’ve noticed lines in the grass, golf-ball sized holes going under your concrete steps, and tons of dead grass? You are not alone, Mice & Voles are two of Calgary’s most destructive pests when it comes to the exterior of your home. Not only do they cause damage, but also pose health concerns with their droppings and urine. Our one-of-a-kind exterior rodent programs are designed to provide the best long-term results. The program is $29.95 / month and includes the following:

Step 1) Setting up (2) exterior bait stations. These tamper-resistant bait stations hold poison securely ensuring non-target animals (or children) can’t access the poison. Mice & Voles will enter, feed, and die within 2-7 days after consuming the bait. The $29.95 / month includes the rental of (2) exterior stations and refills every 35 – 60 days for 12 months. It’s impossible to eliminate every rodent on the exterior. However, with an active exterior rodent program, infestation levels will be reduced by 80% to 90%.

Step 2) Apply granular bait directly down the vole holes for immediate results. This is a great method to see feeding within 12-24 hours of the application. We ask that all vole holes are filled in with fresh unseeded soil 10 days after the treatment to monitor for new activity.


If you live in the Southeast of Calgary, chances are you have experienced spiders! Especially in the Cranston, Mahogany, Chaparral, Auburn Bay, and Copperfield areas. With so many man-made bodies of water close by, flies and mosquitoes are provided with plenty of locations to breed, creating an abundance of food sources promoting spider activity and growth. Having a PROACTIVE treatment done by our Calgary Exterminators prior to the summer seasons (May / June) can greatly reduce spider activity and webbing during July and August.

At Spartan Pest Control, we offer both interior and exterior treatments for spiders and most other common insects. When treating the interior of the house, we ask that no one (including pets) are to be inside during the treatment, and for 4 hours after. All of our Pest Control Calgary spider treatments come with our above industry standard guarantee of 75 days! Most exterior jobs cost $275 + Tax with the option of adding $55 to also cover / treat the interior. If the home is larger than 2400 SQF the cost may go up by $25 – $45 to cover the extra chemicals required.

Mice & Rodents

The Common House Mouse and Deer Mouse – Calgary’s top Pest Control issue… Our Calgary Exterminators have seen activity levels increasing year after year. Treating mice not only requires commercial grade chemicals, but relies on the cooperation and understanding of all recommendations given to our customers to ensure a successful treatment. This includes eliminating competing food sources, monitoring for activity, fixing potential entry points, and following all sanitation instructions & guidelines. Failing to do just one of these things will almost always result in a failed treatment. The MOST important aspect when dealing with mice, is How To Clean Mouse Droppings properly. If you have children or elderly people residing at the residence, DO NOT vacuum the rodent droppings, this is one of the worst things a home-owner or renter can do as the dropping will break up inside the vacuum, release spores into the air, and can be inhaled causing several heath conditions, even death.

Our Calgary Rodent Control treatments include a thorough inspection of both the inside and outside of the house, a 120 day guarantee, free refills as needed, in-depth review of instructions and recommendations, simple fixing of potential entry points, and more. In our experience, sonic devices do not work and snap traps are more meant to monitor for activity, not fix an infestation. Most interior mouse jobs cost 325 + Tax.

IMPORTANT: We urge caution when choosing a company that charges per visit or doesn’t offer a service guarantee. Most mouse treatments require some form of refills or follow-up treatments to ensure the infestation is fully eliminated. Paying per service can end up costing 3 to 4 times more while providing little to no results. Contact one of our trained Calgary pest control professionals today!


Our Calgary Exterminators offer solutions for Black Beetles, Weevils, Stink Bugs, Carpet Beetles, Box-Elder Beetles… We do them all! In most cases, beetles in Alberta are more of a nuisance and don’t cause any immediate health concerns. Beetles can feed on plants, organic matter, flies, flesh, grubs, larva, grains and other insects. Treatments are best done during the early spring on the exterior to help reduce populations during the summer season. Treatments on the interior can be done as needed, focusing on storage areas, basement, pantry, and furnace room. It’s impossible to fully eradicate all beetle activity, however, our exterior treatments are designed to help reduce Beetle populations so customers can enjoy their homes and property.

Our Beetle treatments include treating the perimeter of both the interior and exterior for maximum results. We ask that no one is in the house while the treatment is being completed, and for 4 hours after to let the chemicals dry. Most exterior jobs cost $265 + Tax and come with our above industry standard guarantee of 75 days. Treating the interior at the same time only costs an additional $55 + Tax. For Residential customers with recurring beetle activity year after year, we highly recommend our residential pest programs!


Wasps & Bees are part of the same insect group called Hymenoptera, scientists believe that bee’s are a direct descendant of wasps. During the winter months, 99% of the colony will die off as the queen seeks refuge away from the winter elements to hibernate until spring. Once the snow has melted, the queen will wake and begin to find a location suitable for the perfect nest. These areas include concrete steps, roofing, siding, trees, bird houses, sheds, barbecues, and many other locations. Treating wasps can be very tricky, we always advise calling a professional to assist in wasp nest removal and wasp control, especially when the nest isn’t visible, and only the entry point can be seen.

Did you know – Killing one wasp can trigger a pheromone causing other nearby wasps to attack anything that moves. Our Wasp Nest Removal and Wasp Treatments in Calgary are safe, effective, and wallet friendly. Most jobs cost $115 + Tax and come with our seasonal guarantee. For nests above 10 feet, we charge $155+ Tax.

PLEASE NOTE: Wasp jobs during the winter season (October to March) start at $185 + Tax. For Calgarians with multiple nests, we offer a 50% discount after the initial as our technicians are already on-site. Contact us right away if you suspect a wasp nest is in direct threat of your family, home, or business.

Bed Bugs

Our Calgary Exterminators have seen a consistent rise in Bed Bug activity over the past few years, this is likely due to the amount of tourists Alberta gets, and how much Calgarians like to get away from snow during the colder season. Although COVID has reduced tourism by quite a bit, we expect a large rise in Bed Bug activity will occur in 2021 and 2022 when tourism returns to normal. Bed Bugs are one of those pests that almost always require trained professionals applying effective, commercial grade chemicals. Turning up the heater or leaving a mattress in the sun will have little to no effect on an active Bed bug infestation.

Traveling Tip: When staying at a hotel, ask if they have an active pest control program or get routine inspections for Bed Bug activity. We provide Pest Control services to hotels and AirBnB units with monthly inspections. Why? Being proactive instead of reactive often saves our customers a ton of money and headache in the long-run.

How much does it cost to treat Bed Bugs? Well, unfortunately Bed Bugs are not cheap. The cost is based on a wide variety of variables such as size of the infestation, location, number of bedrooms, prep work completed, amount of people living in the house, how long the infestation has been going on, and more. To get a quote for a Bed Bug Treatment in Calgary, Contact Us and one of our trained technicians will be happy to assist! Don’t forget to list the answers to the above variables when requesting a quote.


Cockroaches can be found in restaurants, homes, and commercial buildings more often when there are sanitation issues. The number one way to combat roaches is…you guessed it… CLEAN! Cleaning food sources, grease, sugars, carbs, or anything else with a calorie count is a must do if you are serious about being cockroach free. The most common cockroach in Calgary is called the German Cockroach, small, but dangerous. Not only are cockroaches a nuisance, they can also carry many diseases in direct threat to humans. They scurry through fecal matter picking up germs and bacteria along the way. To be exact, roaches can spread up to 32+ different types of bacteria, parasitic worms, and more. Contact us today and one of our Exterminators would be more than willing to assist in Cockroach Control and Elimination.

At Spartan Pest Control, we offer two main types of treatments, baiting applications, and chemical sprays. Baiting is a great way to fully eradicate an infestation long-term, while spraying a commercial grade insecticide works at reducing numbers and knocking down large infestations quickly. For best results, our Calgary Pest Control technicians focus on baiting applications. This not only kills the main cockroach who feeds, but also second generation roaches as when they defecate, the young and other roaches will consume the poison enriched fecal matter. Our German Cockroach treatments typically cost between $365 – $435 + Tax and come with a free secondary follow up treatment 14 – 21 days after. If you are looking to book a roach treatment, contact us today!


Flies in Calgary can be found in both Residential homes and Commercial properties. Most commonly, the House Fly, Phorid Fly, Fruit Fly, Drain Fly, Cluster Fly, and Gnats. Although they may look harmless, flies can spread a range of harmful diseases from Salmonella to E.coli. To eat, flies will regurgitate digestive juices onto solid foods to break down into smaller pieces. Because they live primarily off of a liquid diet, they go to the bathroom a lot! It’s said that every time a fly lands, they defecate, even if its on their next meal. Be proactive, not reactive – Contact us today, our friendly Pest Control pro’s are standing by ready to help.

Fly Control treatments can vary. From fly lights, exterior baits, mechanical traps, pheromone devices, and more. The easiest way to deal with fruit flies or drain flies in your home is to ensure there is no stagnant water or available food sources. If that fails, there are always several DIY traps that actually work quite well! When treating Calgary restaurants, we always recommend an active fly control program to stay ahead of the curve, aimed towards keeping infestations low during the summer months. Check out a current list of flies found in Alberta HERE.


Wildlife in Calgary is often beautiful, but have you every been sprayed by a skunk? We have, many…many times… Although they look cute and are quite beneficial to the environment, being sprayed is not fun. Skunk Removal in Calgary starts with locating the burrow or main pathways which can include under sheds, beneath concrete steps, and more. DO NOT use mesh traps, this will allow the skunk to have direct vision of whoever is approaching and spray their target when close. Our commercial traps are fully enclosed and keep the skunk alive for quick relocation outside city limits. At Spartan Pest Control, we charge $95 + Tax per week to have a trap on-site, this includes any resetting if triggered and rebating as needed. If a skunk is caught, we charge $135 to relocate. We stop charging at $695 + Tax as this is the cost for unlimited trapping and the relocation of skunk. This way if there is a family of 8+ skunks on your property you’ll only spend $695 + Tax for 30 days.

We also offer Pigeon control, spiking, and sanitation clean ups, along with Squirrel inspections and removal. Wildlife is great to look at when hiking or driving through the mountains, but not in your house or commercial buildings. If you have a pest control issue in Calgary, contact us today, one of our trained technicians will be in contact to provide a quote.

Easy to deal with and friendly staff. Work is more than satisfactory. I had a very bad mouse problem and they were dealt with accordingly. For not a bad price I might add. - ANDREW



At Spartan, we take great pride in being able to provide Calgary pest control services for both Residential and commercial customers. Our focus is to offer the safest, quickest, and most effective treatments available while maintaining outstanding customer service and experience. What sets Spartan Pest Control apart from other local competitors is our drive to educate our clients, to have our customers fully understand how our Pest Control Calgary treatments work in detail, and what they can expect. All of our reviews are from real people, who have used our services and left honest feedback on treatment success and customer interactions. Treatments  include Mice, Voles, Beetles, Common Ants, Spiders, and more. Chat with one of our trained Calgary exterminators to see what makes us on of the top companies in Alberta. 1-855-600-0039

Do customer reviews really matter? The answer is a strong yes! Positive or negative, reviews are a valuable asset for potential customers looking for the best pest control service in Calgary. Why are they so important? It shows the difference between a business that treats their customers like a person, and not just another number.

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Why choose spartan pest control

Ever since he started Spartan Pest Control, a company trusted by thousands of Calgary clients including both residential and commercial. Owner, Jarrod Warkentin, and his team have been confronting critters in Calgary for the past 8 years “We feel so lucky to be serving the wonderful residents of these great cities and give thanks to all our customers in and around Calgary who’ve been so loyal to us all these years, enabling our pest control services to branch out further. We’re working hard to satisfy all our new customers and hope you too give us the chance to become your go-to exterminator.


We offer industry leading treatments in Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, and Cochrane with unmatched customer service. At Spartan Pest Control we treat you like a person, not a number. When hiring a local Calgary Exterminator its important to do research on services, prices, and above all else, understanding whats needed for an effective treatment.


Ant Control

Ant Control

Ant Control

Our industry leading pest control experts can handle any and all ant services. If you are dealing with a current ant infestation contact us...

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Rodents have taken over and generally require a commercial grade poison application to fully eradicate any infestation from your property.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bug Control

96% of Canadians are unable to eradicate Bed Bugs on their own… Contact Spartan Pest Control for safe, effective, and guaranteed Bed Bug...

Fly Control

Fly Control

Fly Control

Flies left untreated can be a big nuisance and cause major health concerns for you, your customers and family. Contact us today!

Spider Control

Spider Control

Spider Control

Some spiders in Alberta are poisonous and can cause extreme medical conditions and in rare cases, death.

Wasp Control

Wasp Control

Wasp Control

BZZzzz… OUCH! Spartan Pest Control specializes in wasp control and nest removal – be safe this summer!

PillBug Control

PillBug Control

PillBug Control

These pests are commonly found in basements, window sills, furnace rooms and storage areas. They do not bite.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control

Our technicians can deal with Skunks, Gophers, Bats, Pigeons and so much more! Contact us today!

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Cockroach Control

Spartan Pest Control offers effective Cockroach Control treatments in Calgary.

Jarrod came to our home to assist with mice. He was able to locate the entry point quickly and effectively. Jarrod was professional in his work and provided us with helpful knowledge. He answers questions quickly and is easy to contact throughout the process. I would recommend his services to others experiencing similar pest concerns. - MELLISSA