Calgary BC Rat Infestation On The Rise

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Calgary BC Rat Infestations On The Rise


When the average person thinks of a rat, some dream up filthy and crawling animals of 50-pounds, red eyes, huge fangs, and enjoy the taste of human flesh and blood. Although most of that isn’t true, rat infestations in Calgary can pose numerous health concerns and cause structural damage to both residential and commercial properties. Don’t forget, rats are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet and are an essential component in scientific research for disease and animal control. Our Pest Control Calgary technicians are equipped to handle all rat infestations both for residential Pest Control Calgary clients.

Over the past several years, Calgary have seen quite a significant rise in rodent population causing increased awareness from local news stations and property owners in British Columbia. Our Calgary Exterminators are trained and have years of experience dealing with all types of rodent populations to protect you, your customers, and your. To be proactive when dealing with a current rodent infestation or potential threat of one, check out how our Residential Pest Programs can help you!

Some Rats Can Grow Up To Be Almost 9 Pounds

Anyone who is scared of rats or even the thought of rodents in general should fear the Gambian Pouched Rat. Why you ask? Well this type of rat can grow to be the size of an average cat. These rodents can weight up to 9 pounds and can also span up to 1 meter in length. The Gambian Pouched Rats are omnivorous, this means their diet regularly consists of insects, crabs, fruits, and vegetables. Don’t worry to much though, this type of rat lives primarily in South Africa and is banned from entering elsewhere. Our Pest Control Calgary Technicians have never had to deal with these rats, and we hope we never do!

Rats Are Very Hard To Get Rid Of

Rats were one of the first invasive species spread by accident due to the human population. They originated in tropical Asia areas but soon branched out by catching rides with ships while transferring traded goods across the ocean. Rats can be highly resourceful and once inside a building or property it can be extremely difficult to remove them quickly and efficiently. Their small size allows rats to fit through tiny gaps, while their extremely hard teeth (stronger than steel and iron) allow them to gnaw through cinder-blocks, wood, plastics, and any other common building materials. Rats are extremely smart animals and can become “trap-shy” avoiding any obvious baits or traps set out to capture them. Hiring a local pest control company is almost always required for most medium to larger scale rat infestations inside Calgary Homes. Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are standing by 24/7 to assist you in all forms of Rodent Control.

Turning Into Zombie Rats

Believe it or not, cat urine usually acts as a natural repellent for rats and house mice, who are naturally scared of felines and try to keep their distance at all costs. However, rats exposed to the urine of cats infected with toxoplasma gondii may develop a change in their regular brain activity that paralyzes the regions controlling fear. Basically, the rat turns into a zombie and are manipulated into losing their fear for felines and most common predators. Humans can also contract toxoplasmosis: recent studies have proven that 1 in every 3 people tested are positive for this parasite, usually due to eating under-cooked meats or after being exposed to infected cat litter. Pregnant females are the most sensitive to this infection. To fully give you the rat zombie image, rats also have a very real and strong craving for human blood, they obtain this by biting the hands and face of sleeping people.

Interesting Facts About Rats

1. Survive a five-story fall without injury
2. Last without water longer than a camel
3. Survive large doses of radiation
4. Survive being flushed down the toilet (and find their way back inside via the same route)
5. Swim for half a mile in open water
6. Build immunity to poison
7. Eat their own feces for nutrients

Spartan Pest Control offers Rodent Feces Clean Up Services for our Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Control Clients. No job is to big, or to small, we handle it all!

We hope these tips have helped you choose the right pest control option when dealing with pest infestations in your home or property. If you or anyone you know has questions regarding any pest control related issues please Contact Us directly, one of our trained pest control technicians in Calgary would be more than happy to assist you! For more information visit or email us directly at [email protected].

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