Pest Control Start Up Kit

Pest Control Start-Up Kit

When pests infest an area, the result is the loss of property through destruction. For this reason, commercial organizations employ services of controlling pests’ infestation.

To begin this, one needs some serious thinking together with some average investment so that he not only will operate the business alone but to also buy the required equipment and advertise the business.

Such business will receive both commercial and residential customers. To satisfy and make clients feel safe, you need to have at least all sorts of pest control including rats, fleas, cockroaches and much more. Though this will be the case, you can decide to specialize in one section (elimination and prevention) or particular pests (cockroaches’ spiders, etc.). On the other hand, the establishment can be of help to clients when they are in need of pest control mechanisms or services.

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Skill set needed by the exterminator:

A strong stomach:

Since you are ready to combat many types of pests like vermin and bugs, a strong stomach is a necessity.
Carefulness: clients are in need of someone who they will be assured that he/she will deal with the pests effectively to eliminate them completely. If this isn’t the case, clients are not likely to come back.

The familiarity of the exterminator work:

It is mandatory that you have a basic know-how of the different types of pests and which techniques to be used to a complete eradication.
Using particular method or numerous in eliminating pests and rodents.
Strong knowledge of pesticides used to eliminate pests.

Supplies, equipment, and services needed when starting and in the coming days include professional insecticides and rodenticides, baiting tools for termites, vacuums, dusters, aerosol dispensers, spill kits, bait guns, sprayers, chemical gloves, framers, granular spreaders, bee suits, coveralls, and UV flashlights.


Apart for the general license required for operating a business, you need another type of license. This is because you will be handling poison, chemicals, and the disposal of pets and rodents, which is something serious.

Specific training is needed then afterwards doing an exam to obtain a license of pest control technician. Before operating, the state may also need you to have a liability insurance so that it gets you cover as the business involves poison and chemical handling. It may also be a requirement that where you store the chemicals should be safe. For more detailed information, visit

Need of daily opening hours:

Working hours: you may decide to have flexible working hours or busy ones. This will depend if you are into operating on a full-time or a part-time basis. Whichever the time you choose, you need to consider the time when people are from work

After and before hours:

Always make sure you have chemicals well kept, well-organized paperwork, and load vehicle. In short, all these should be done in less than 60 minutes.

A rough estimate of the inversion cost:

The approximate start-up cost can be about $10,000-$50,000.

Considerations and special requirements:

Carry out a study of the competition that is facing you, regarding their weakness and strength. By doing this, you will be identifying your key advantages that you offer a client, which your competitors do not give. In short, maximize your advantages.

Decide if it is better to obtain a franchise or have a startup service of pest control. You may choose in prevention or elimination of a particular pest, or offer many pest control and exterminator services.