Ant Control



Our Calgary Ant Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date chemical applications ensuring the treatment is done safely and efficiently. Spartan Pest Control provides both Residential Ant Treatments and Commercial Ant Control year-round, protecting your family and customers from these troublesome invaders. Don’t forget, our Residential Pest Programs can help control any ant infestations before you notice them by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Click on the button below to book our Ant Control Service in your city today! Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are ready to eliminate any and all Ant Infestations.

Are They Dangerous?

There are various kinds of ants in Alberta, that uninvitingly enter structures. Several are just annoying to have around, while others can harm your property. There are some ants that leave an odor behind, reminding you of the infestation you’re living with. There are ants that only come in during warmer seasons, while others aren’t partial to any season. It is vital to eliminate potential sources of foods for ants in your household to prevent an increase in numbers.

Once ants enter your home, they’ll contaminate anything they can eat, and they won’t stop until the food source is entirely gone. It’s feasible that they will develop a satellite nest within your walls, beneath the floor, or behind the baseboards. It is crucial to obtain ant control in Calgary when big infestations are apparent.


Where Do Ants Live?

For the most part, ants nest outside; you can find their nests beneath the ground, woodpiles, mulch, and in hollow logs, among other similar spaces. Many ant species live as part of a pack and collaborate with one another to ensure the survival of their colony. Worker ants will depart from the colony and go on food hunts. While this is happening, it is typical for ants to find their way inside homes in the Calgary area. They will get inside via foundation cracks, as well as gaps under windows and doors.

Ensure food is always contained with a lid on to stop ants from smelling food. This includes sugars, sweets, starches, or other similar food that workers would love to bring back with them. This is particularly critical in the summertime when ants are at their busiest. Ant control is quite in demand between June and August in the Calgary area.

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Should I Treat Them Myself?

Ant control products found at your local hardware store might be effective for a couple of ants you caught scurrying around in your kitchen, but they’ll have no impact on the hoards in your yard or within your walls. To eliminate an infestation of ants in your household or building, you must get in touch with a professional Calgary pest control ant control technician for safe, guaranteed results. To prevent ants and other bugs from entering your house or commercial facilities, we strongly advise in taking away potential water and food sources, and having any openings in your windows and doors sealed up.

There are tons of “DIY” Ant Treatments online, like cinnamon, baking soda, and peppermint oils. From a professionals point of view, and having tried almost all of these “natural” techniques as a test, they simply just don’t work. To fully eradicate a stubborn ant infestation, call a reputable pest control provider to help!


I Have Ants... Now What?

When you first notice an ant problem developing in your home, refrain from driving to the local store for over the counter insect removal products. Call Spartan Pest Control instead. We are a family-operated, locally-owned, pest control business and offer ant control services in Calgary, and the surrounding area. Besides providing our customers with ant control treatments, we also offer pest control services that eliminate other rodents and bugs, too.

At Spartan Pest Control we believe that when our clients understand our treatments, results, and process, then the success rate of our Ant Control services increases significantly. Book Your Ant Treatment Today, let us do the work so you don’t have to!