Bed Bug Control



Our Calgary Bed Bugs Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date chemical applications ensuring your treatment is done safely and efficiently. Our Spartan Pest Control  Calgary exterminators provide both Residential bed bug Treatments and Commercial programs year-round, protecting your family and customers from these blood-sucking invaders. Don’t forget, our Residential Pest Programs can help locate any issues before they become a problem by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Our Pest Control Calgary Exterminators are ready to inspect, and eliminate any infestations threatening you and your property today! If you are interested in a bed bug Treatment today check out our online BPreparation Sheet. These instructions MUST be followed to ensure a safe and successful treatment.

Are They Dangerous?

Although they don’t spread disease, bites from bed bugs might produce itchy, red welts that may appear in rows, a pattern that we in the industry call “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”. What is interesting is that not all people react the same to a bite, with some people enduring delayed reactions. While they are not a health hazard, it can negatively impact a business’s reputation and can stress out individuals just the same. Our Calgary exterminators are ready to assist you!

Bed bugs are tiny insects brown in color and about as long as a quarter inch.
Young ones are even smaller at about 1mm in length and have a lighter tone.
They are flat, shaped like an oval, and are proportionally sized. After feasting on blood, bed bugs will exhibit a red type of color.
The eggs are intelligent, approximately 1mm big, and have a white tone to them, making them blend into areas like camouflage.


Where Are They? I Don't See Them!

Bed bugs don’t come about due to uncleanliness or social interaction, but instead enter an atmosphere through used furniture, luggage, and clothing worn by people exposed to an infestation. Sometimes, bed bugs are carried indoors through house-guests. They can come from movie theater seats, bus seats, or the seat you sat on in the lunchroom. In other words, they can come pretty much from anywhere.

Adult bugs may lurk in areas as narrow as paper and move when suddenly disturbed. Our exterminators at Spartan Calgary come prepared with the most up-to-date equipment and chemicals required for isolating and getting to hard to reach areas. We utilize LED flashlights for optimum exposure so we can inspect deeper based on the client’s requirements. For instance, our technician might use a screwdriver to get rid of panels or light switches where bed bugs might be hiding in. We do everything we can to target the problem and remove it before spreading it to your customers or family members in Calgary.

Jarrod is wonderful! He came out on separate occasions and dealt with my vole(twice), ant and wasp problems this summer, and last week came back for mice in the garage; He will quote the price to you based on the job. His prices are reasonable, he explains everything so well and quick response time was really appreciated. I have used other"big companies" in the past and would recommend Spartan over them in a heartbeat. - ANNE

Can I Treat Bed Bugs Myself?

As nocturnal creatures, bed bugs lurk in small crevices and cracks near areas where people sleep. As such, there are severely difficult to eliminate without assistance from professional bed bug control technicians. At Spartan Pest Control, we provide thorough solutions to these problems in Calgary, AB. If you believe there are bed bugs in your organization or household, give us a call now! Because of their masterful breeding and hitchhiking abilities, bed bugs can be troublesome to prevent.

Treating an infestation with DIY product sold over the counter will almost certainly just spread the issue to other rooms or units. Recent studies show that 96% of homeowners who attempt to treat infestations on their own without commercial grade chemicals or heating equipment fail. Don’t waste time and money, call a pest professional today. Book Your Pest Service for a Bed Bug Inspection or Bed Bug Treatment with one of our Pest Control Calgary technicians today!

Bed bugs In Schools

I Have Bed Bugs... Now What?

You should keep the following in mind:

1. Understand the signs of problems. Look for blood stains or fecal matter (black spots) on your bed sheets, and fresh bites on your skin.
2. Learn how to avoid infestations.
3. Educate yourself about prevention.
4. When unpacking your luggage, do so in the garage or outside. Clothing should be immediately washed upon unpacking in the hottest temperature possible, and suitcases should be thoroughly wiped down before storing them away.

Contact Spartan Pest Control Calgary today if you or anyone you know has potential signs of an infestation. Leaving the issue alone will only cause an increase in activity, and possibly an increase in price depending on the size of current infestation and prep work completed.