Cockroach Control



Our Calgary Pest Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date interior Cockroach Control Treatments, ensuring your current roach infestation is done safely and efficiently. Spartan Pest Control provides both Residential Cockroach Treatments and Commercial Insect Control, monitoring year-round and protecting your family and customers from these disease carrying pests. Don’t forget, our Pest Programs can help locate and control any Cockroach issues before they become a problem by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are ready to eliminate any and all Cockroach Infestations.

How Dangerous Are Cockroaches?

Each species of cockroach takes on a different appearance; several species have wings, but not all of them can fly. Their color tones range from brown to black. Cockroaches have six legs and an antenna, and can grow to be as long as 2 inches.


For Pest Control in Calgary, the German cockroach is the most popular cockroach found in residences and commercial establishments. They are covered in bacteria and transmit disease, contaminating everything they touch. Many cockroaches scour for food in dumpsters, piles of garbage, drain pipes, sewers, and animal carcasses. They should be removed from your household as soon as possible to stop people and animals from getting sick.



Cockroaches usually come into facilities and houses on the lookout for water and food sources. The enter interiors via foundation cracks, as well as gaps in doors and walls. At times, they piggyback through boxes, packages, or similar items. After cockroaches access your property, they will lurk in damp, dark spaces such as crawl spaces, basements, and washrooms. You can also see them in cupboards, kitchen drawers, and behind big appliances. Cockroaches will infect kitchen utensils, food sources, and cookware with their feces and urine. They transmit more than 33 kinds of bacteria. When cockroaches shed their skin, allergies can be triggered, particularly in youngsters.

German cockroaches generally infest bathrooms and kitchens, but will reside in any warm space where they are close to water, food, and shelter. German cockroaches sometimes hide inside of appliances like microwaves, fridges, and toasters. They are nocturnal creatures, scouring surfaces for water to drink and food to eat.

We discovered we had an issue with spiders this fall and contacted Spartan Pest Control. I'd never used them before and was very happy with their customer service. They answered all my questions patiently and with a genuine interest in helping me solve this problem. We are very happy and would use them again. - BRUCE

Can I Treat Cockroaches Myself?

 Although some chemicals you can purchase from home-hardware stores claim the can rid your home or property of large Cockroach Infestations, the truth is 99% of the time they don’t. If you can catch a roach infestation SUPER EARLY as in 1 to 2 roaches, then sure… but this is almost always not the case. Customers don’t typically realize they have a Cockroach issue until it’s to late and the issue becomes an infestation. We DO NOT recommend vacuuming up Cockroaches unless already killed, the roach will simply crawl out and could continue to multiply resulting in wasted efforts.

At Spartan Pest Control our Calgary Pest Technicians specialize in treating the interior of your property with safe, liquid residual pesticides for quick knockdown and monitoring of larger colonies, as well as applying commercial grade Cockroach Bait for long-term success and control. Commercial roach bait works amazing, simply for the fact that once the adults consume the poison, they head back to their nests and poop. The young and other adults in the nest will consume the adult Cockroach feces (with poison inside) and also be eliminated, one bait application can control multiple generations if applied correctly. We DO NOT recommend spraying domestic pest control products to control a Cockroach Infestation as the issues will almost certainly spread costing more money and stress long-term. For any questions, contact us by email or fill out our contact form, a trained exterminator will be in touch very shortly! For information on our pest control treatments check out Spartan Pest Controls FAQ page to answer some questions.


I Have Roaches... Now What?

If you’ve spotted a Cockroach in your establishment or home, get in touch with Spartan Pest Control right away. Our Calgary Exterminators have the skills, equipment, and experience to eliminate your uninvited guests. We provide Commercial Pest Control and residential pest control services in Calgary.

1. Ensure the perimeters around your doors and windows are caulked. Consider installing weather-stripping beneath doors.
2. Have foundation crevices and cracks sealed up.
3. Fix pipes that are leaky in your washroom, basement, and kitchen.
4. Store compost, garbage cans, and piles of wood a reasonable distance from the exterior of your home.
2. Keep food stored in sealed containers and refrigerate all produce.
2. Find and dehumidify spaces with excess moisture.
2. Tidy up crumbs and spills right away.