Spartan Pest Control is a leader in the pest industry for residential and commercial pest control management. We specialize in property management from small residential homes to over the top industrial buildings. Check out our commercial tab for the 48-hour rule! When your customers/renters need a technician on site to deal with a pest issue we will do our BEST to be there within 48 hours, usually 24 or same day. If we fail to do so the monthly fee is on us if you are on a contract/monthly PDP. Make sure to have your client report any and ALL pest control issues. Once the jobs done, check your email! The technician will have sent a report indicating all pest control issues and remediation.

Already have a current pest control provider? Contact us for a free quote/meeting to see how we can supply you with top of the line standards within the industry. We do our best to price match most of our competitors quotes. In the world of pest control, sometimes you get what you pay for. Going with the first company or lowest quote might not always be the best thing. It could result in a failed treatment, poor customer service, delayed treatment, or all of the above.

Pests can ruin the value of your property and cause tenants to turn elsewhere for residency. Call in a Spartan Pest Control Professional because you do not want pests putting the well-being of your tenants or your investment at risk. Scheduling regular inspections are a proactive measure that could save you thousands in cost. Stop problems before they happen with industry leading, cost-effective measures that will keep your tenants happy and property pest free. Infestations grow rapidly and can spread throughout a building like wild-fire. Prevent them outright with routine inspections and treatments.

Health professionals that manage hospitals, long-term care facilities, emergency medical care centers and physical or mental rehabilitation facilities, face many challenges to ensure that they meet the highest level of sanitation standards. Pests pose a substantial risk to the health and safety of your patients and the reputation of your practice or facility. At Spartan Pest Control we will quickly identify your pest problem and act effectively to ensure that you remain in regulatory compliance while maintaining your high standards of hygiene. We work with you to maintain compliance with guidelines set by federal agencies as well as local health codes.

Food Processing Plants are subject to food safety audits and government regulations that may require a formula-based device placement scheme and other strict protocols. Our technicians are experienced in providing commercial-grade pest control for food processing facilities that is proven to quickly and accurately identify pests of concern without sacrificing employee, product and facility safety.