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Our Calgary Pest Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date exclusion, trapping, and bait applications ensuring your rodent infestation is done safely and efficiently. Spartan Pest Control provides both Residential Rodent Control Treatments and Commercial Rodent Control year-round, protecting your family or customers from these troublesome invaders inside, and out. Don’t forget, our Residential Pest Control can help control any rodent infestation before you notice them by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are ready to eliminate any and all Rodent Infestations.

Are Mice Dangerous?

If you have mice running around in your household, they’re probably what are known as house mice. A house mouse is about 5 ½ to 7 inches long with big ears (not proportioned to their bodies) and dark, beady eyes. They are generally brown and gray in color and can fit through many different sized Mouse Entry Points. Thousands of buildings in Calgary are infested with the common house mouse. While they might look harmless and cute, a house mouse can carry several diseases with it, creating a safety issue in your household for you and your family. Please take heavy precautions when cleaning all rodents droppings and nests. How To Clean Mouse Droppings Properly – The Right Way! is an in-depth post on properly cleaning up rodent feces and high activity areas with links to printable PDFs on sanitary practices.


If water, food, and shelter are accessible by rodents, they’ll inhabit the space immediately. Entry points near garage doors, foundation cracks, and utility spaces can act as easy points of entry for rodents. They can be particularly troublesome during cold seasons. Worse, once the rodents find their way into a warm environment, they will multiply, and before you know it, you’ll have an infestation problem increasing daily. Although mice are cleaner than most rodents, they have no issue leaving urine and feces behind.


Where Do Rodents Live?

When living outdoors, rodents usually hang out in cracks in walls or rocks. They create underground burrows with intricate tunnel networks, numerous nesting chambers, several exits, and storage spaces. When they live with people, rodents in the Calgary area nest in piles of wood, behind rafters, inside storage spaces, or other discrete hiding spots close to food sources.

Rodents construct nests from paper, rags, or similar soft materials before covering them with thin, cut-up substances. House mice are usually nocturnal creatures, but some are out and about during the daytime among people trying to forage for food and water. Mice are very fast (up to 8 MPH), great climbers, high jumpers, and they can even swim. However, they seldom travel more than 10 to 25 feet from wherever they’ve called “home” providing their home has food and water nearby.

Spartan Pest Control has helped us resolve our spider issue in the basement and garage. Jarrod is extremely knowledgable and the service was professional and courteous. I would highly recommend this company!! - LEAH

Can I Treat Rodents Myself?

 You may think the common snap trap, glue boards, metal traps, or sonic devices work for residential rodent infestations, they don’t. Sure you can see some instant results when using a snap trap or sticky pad, but these tools are really just meant to monitor for activity. The best and most efficient way to control a rodent infestation inside and outside of residential homes, is by using a commercial grade poison. Call your Local Pest Control Provider, most reputable exterminators should have access to these chemicals.

Our Pest Control Calgary technicians will provide an inspection on the interior and exterior of your property to report any potential entry points. At this time we will go over in-depth instructions and guidelines that must be followed to ensure a successful treatment. Any commercial exterminator can apply poison, but at Spartan Pest Control we believe knowledge is power, and if our customers are provided with as much information and details possible, then the treatment will always be that much better. Book An Appointment for your Rodent Infestation treatment today, one of our technicians is standing by to assist you!

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I Have Mice... Now What?

If you can hear scurrying within your ceilings or walls, see mouse droppings, or other suggestive signs, Spartan Pest Control is ready to help you. We provide residential and commercial rodent control. To prevent house mice from accessing your property or to remove them, our professionals recommend removing potential water and food sources, and sealing up cracks and openings that can serve as access points.

A house mouse residing in Alberta can carry Salmonella, the Bubonic Plague, Lymphocytic Chroio-Meningitis, Murine Typhus, and Tapeworms. It is vital that, when removing mouse droppings, you don’t vacuum or sweep them away. Wearing rubber gloves and protective eye wear, use a disinfectant that destroys active viruses and spray the surface to stop dust particles from going airborne. Afterwards, wipe the area up and dispose of the paper towel right away outside your property.