Spider Control


Our Calgary Pest Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date interior and exterior spider treatments, ensuring your arachnid infestation is done safely and efficiently. Spartan Pest Control provides both Residential Spider Treatments and Commercial Spider Control and monitoring year-round, protecting your family and customers from these 8 legged creatures. Don’t forget, our Residential Pest Control Programs can help locate and control any spider issues before they become a problem by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are ready to eliminate any and all Spider Infestations.


How Dangerous Are Spiders?

Every spider has 8 legs, but each species come with distinctive sizes and colors. In Alberta, jumping spiders, wolf spiders, and house spiders are most prevalent. Sometimes, we see black widow and brown recluse spiders, both of which are poisonous. Although poisonous spiders are not as common here, precautions should be made when relocating a spider from the interior to the exterior. Do not pick a spider up in bare hands without knowing the species and threat they may cause. 


It varies based on species. Black widow and brown recluse spiders can be dangerous, but they generally aren’t a concern for residents of Calgary. Wolf spiders could potentially bite humans with harmless venom. House spiders are even less of a threat, but the sight of webs in the corners of your home could result in fear if you have arachnophobia. Our Pest Control In Calgary focus on on exterior treatments preventing infestations from entering the interior.

Spider Control

Where Do Spiders Live?

Get rid of as many infestation spaces as you can, including backyard clutter, storage in crawlspaces, and foundation wall ground covers. Any cleaning that needs to be done to eliminate favorable conditions is the primary step in spider removal. Killing other bugs with a general insecticide treatment may prove useful since spiders eat other insects as food. Several spider populations can be seen in moist and humid areas like crawl spaces and basements. Other spiders hide in warm and dry spaces. You’ll see them in the top corners of attics and rooms, in addition to air vents in the sub floor. Spiders like to lurk in cracks and dark areas as a retreat so they can develop material to spin webs.

House spiders create their webs in room corners, beneath furniture, corners of windows, and similar warm spots. Female and male house spiders live in the same web for lengthy duration of time, and some female spiders will develop webs close to them.

We discovered we had an issue with spiders this fall and contacted Spartan Pest Control. I'd never used them before and was very happy with their customer service. They answered all my questions patiently and with a genuine interest in helping me solve this problem. We are very happy and would use them again. - BRUCE

Can I Treat Spiders Myself?

 Sure! Sort of… For the odd spider in your bathroom, basement, kitchen, or other common areas, simple tissue paper will work in the relocation of a spider. We DO NOT recommend vacuuming up spiders unless already killed, the spider will simply crawl out and could continue to multiply resulting in wasted efforts.

At Spartan Pest Control our technicians specialize in treating the exterior of your property early enough in the season to limit the growth rate and sightings of spider activity during the peak summer months. We ask that no one is to be in the house during treatment and for 4 hours after. Do not apply water to the sprayed areas for roughly 1.5 weeks to allow the chemicals residual effect to work. Adding water will only dilute the poison and cause the treatment to have little or no effect on the current and future spider population. A good time to be proactive for spiders on the exterior is between May and June. For any questions or for spider identification, contact us by email or fill out our Contact Form, a trained exterminator will be in touch very shortly!


I Have Spiders... Now What?

Spiders might go inside when they don’t like the weather. They attach themselves to storage boxes, firewood, and grocery store produce, among other items. While spiders are helpful in their own settings, you don’t want them in your residence. Get in touch with our Calgary pest control technicians if a spider problem has developed in your business or home. We provide commercial and residential Pest Control In Calgary.

1. Ensure all access points like foundation cracks, torn screens, and gaps around windows and doors are sealed up.
2. Examine food purchased at stores for pests that have subtly attached themselves.
3. Decrease harborage spaces (remove clutter in storage areas and eliminate backyard debris).
4. Prior to carrying it inside, shake off firewood and keep little-to-no firewood inside your home.