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Our Calgary Pest Control technicians are trained to provide you with the most up-to-date interior and exterior Wildlife Treatments and Exclusion, ensuring your Pest Infestation is done safely and efficiently. Spartan Pest Control provides both Residential Pest Treatments and Commercial Wildlife Control, monitoring year-round and protecting your family and customers from nuisance creatures. Don’t forget, our Pest Control Residential Programs can help locate and control any Wildlife issues before they become a problem by routine inspections and proactive treatments! Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are ready to eliminate any and all Wildlife Infestations.


Squirrels, raccoons, and skunks are known as nuisance wildlife. They become troublesome to deal with when they invade buildings, homes, and other properties scouring for water, food, and shelter. People and wildlife share a habitat, and as such, it can be hard to keep the animals out of gardens, garbage bins, and interiors.


Nuisance wildlife may carry disease and wreak havoc on the structures of properties. They usually access buildings and homes in the Autumn in search of warm, safe shelters that are near water and food sources to prepare for the colder months.

Pigeon walking


Nuisance wildlife will damage properties as they develop nesting spaces. They will claw and chew through insulation, drywall, pipes, flooring, and wires. They’ll also destroy personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, and other stored items. They will also ransack your garbage, eat anything they can in the garden, and damage windows, vents, and siding in order to create entrances and exits.

After they get inside, the dry, warm, and isolated shelter offer safety from people and other animals, creating a haven for them to live in. By entering through the roof, they also create holes for snow and rain to get into your property. Your electrical wiring and insulation can be jeopardized. The feces that accumulates around and in your household can be very unhealthy for people to touch and inhale.

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Can I Treat All Wildlife Myself?

 Sure! Sort of… It really depends on a few factors. Whats the size of infestation? What nuisance pest? Proper control measures? Proactive remediation of any entry points or Nuisance Wildlife access areas? We DO NOT recommend trapping skunks in mesh traps as you will be sprayed (which is not fun) and driving them 10 km away from your property is not even close to how far a skunk should be relocated away, they can travel a distance up to 50km in search of food and shelter.

At Spartan Pest Control our technicians specialize in treating the exterior and interior of your property all year to limit the growth rate, damages, and sightings of certain Nuisance Wildlife activity. For any questions regarding our services in treatment and pest exclusion, contact us by email or fill out our Pest Control Contact Form, a trained exterminator will be in touch very shortly!


I Have Nuisance Wildlife In My House... Now What?

Nuisance wildlife can bring about severe illnesses. Based on the species, they may carry salmonellosis, rabies, and other pathogens, and introduce more parasites like ticks or fleas. Further, they will infect your food and cooking areas with their feces and urine. These animals are wild and will do what they have to protect themselves if they feel in danger. As such, they should only be removed by a professional wildlife control technician. If nuisance wildlife has become troublesome in or on your property, get in touch with Spartan Pest Control. We provide commercial and Residential Pest Control in Calgary.

1. Ensure all access points like foundation cracks, torn screens, and gaps around windows and doors are sealed up.
2. Fix any loose fascia boards or shingles.
3. Seal any access points on the outside of the structure.
4. Trim branches so they don’t act as bridges to roofs for nuisance wildlife.
4. Install mesh covers over vents and cap chimneys.
4. Keep garbage in strong containers with secure, tight-fitting lids.
4. Take away food sources like bird feeders and pet bowls.