The Spring Carpenter Ant Invasion

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Are You Ready for the Spring Carpenter Ant Invasion?

Carpenter Ants

April has marked the beginning of the dreaded season of Carpenter Ants, and pest control experts warn homeowners that it’s going to be uglier this year in regards to Ant Control. The hard winter followed by a late spring, on the one hand, and the decrease in the use of long-term chemical insecticides on the other can lead to an increase in the populations of Carpenter Ants in Calgary.

Based on previous seasons and our experience, April & May is the prime time of the year when pest control companies based in Calgary, realize that there is an increase in the number of calls involving in carpenter ants year after year. By taking an average of 45-65 customers/day, the experts are dealing with increases in Carpenter Ant activity in these regions on a daily basis. Pest control experts are getting ready for the high volume of people who are calling for help in order to eliminate the pesky insects. These ants can be extremely hard to tackle alone by homeowners or property managers. Spraying domestic pest control products purchased from local hardware stores will almost always spread the issue instead of fixing it.

Why Are These Ants So Scary?

Besides being repulsive by its mere presence of a MASSIVE black or red ant heading your way, Carpenter Ants are feared by home owners because of the damage they can cause to wooden structures by building nests through holes and tunnels the Carpenter Ants chew. Typically, subterranean termites cause more damage to wood compared to carpenter ants because they dig into it and excavate their nests by giving it a more polished and sandpapered appearance.

Can I Treat Carpenter Ants Myself?

Carpenter Ant nests and colonies can contain thousands of workers, brood, and an active egg-laying queen. These Ants are generally located outside in wet, damp, and rotting wood environments. A common misconception regarding these ants is that people think Carpenter Ants eat the wood as food, but this is not true. They excavate tunnels and holes to allow the perfect home for their eggs and queen, protecting them from weather elements and hungry predators. Treating a Carpenter Nest on your own can be hard, not because of the size of the ants, or numbers… but because there are multiple “satellite nests” that will be nearby housing more eggs and workers. Hiring a local pest control company is almost always required for most small to large Carpenter Ant infestations, especially if the nest is located inside your home. Our Pest Control Calgary exterminators are standing by 24/7 to assist you in Carpenter Ant Control.

Be Proactive Against Carpenter Ant Invasions!

Possible damage to wood done by carpenter ants can mold and cause rotting, weakened structures around your house. Its very important to locate the nest quickly and eliminate it ASAP if in direct threat to you and your property. Be careful though, Carpenter Ants in Calgary can bite and attack in swarms. Although the damage is not immediately visible, the presence of a large infestation of Carpenter Ants can cause structural damage over long periods of time, so it’s important to locate all areas of nesting and unmask the colony early. Give your local pest management company a call to eliminate any nuisance Ant infestations and reduce the risk of future Carpenter Ant Invasions. Don’t forget to Google Pest Control Reviews in Calgary to ensure you Find The Right Pest Control Exterminator for you.

You should keep the following in mind:

1. Seal cracks and holes in the foundation, which will deny access to the ants that want to get inside of the building, mainly the areas where drains, pipes, and wires enter from the outside of the house.
2. Fix leaks in the roof, walls, plumbing and other problems with moisture, rotting wood and moist areas attract carpenter ants inside.
3. Removing vegetation, branches and anything stacked against your house as it can serve as bridges between the outer nests and structure along with nesting spots – Especially if wood.
4. Always schedule yearly inspections from pest control experts; they will detect and eliminate any insect’s activity and will notify you immediately if a treatment is required. 

Contact Spartan Pest Control today if you or anyone you know has potential signs of a Carpenter Ant Infestation. Leaving the issue alone will only cause an increase in activity, and possibly an increase in price depending on the size of current infestation and prep work completed.

We hope these tips have helped you choose the right pest control option when dealing with pest infestations in your home or property. If you or anyone you know has questions regarding any pest control related issues please Contact us directly, one of our trained pest control technicians in Calgary would be more than happy to assist you! For more information visit or email us directly at [email protected].

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