How to Inspect for Three Common Household Calgary Pests

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How to Inspect for Three Common Household Calgary Pests

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When buying a new home, we spend time looking around the property while focusing on the structural integrity. For example, there is an emphasis on the roof, electrics, plumbing, foundation, heating or cooling systems, walls, windows, doors, and floors. However, there should also be another step to our inspection phase – checking for pests.

When looking around a home, you have to realize that the seller has purposely advertised the property with the best features noticeable and any problems hidden away. Sadly, not all sellers can be trusted to list every single problem with their property which means that we have to do all the necessary checks ourselves. Sometimes, the owners might not even be aware that their home has pests but you still need to find out any problems before you start signing important documents. Today, we are going to tell you how to spot an infestation of three major pests our Pest technicians treat!


As soon as this word is mentioned, we tend to get a little itchy and try to think of anything else but the subject. You need to inspect a potential home for termites as they can cause extensive damage over time despite being so small and making no noise. When walking around, look for the following: Generally, most people spot them from mud trails on walls both inside and outside. Also, look for any paintwork that’s blistering and any cracks that seem to come from nowhere in particular. If the house has laminate flooring and skirting boards, check these for damage. In truth, the damage is very similar to that seen from water and the flooring can blister or sag. As well as looking low, you also need to look up at the beams, eaves, roof rafters, and wooden structures in the ceiling. Again, it can be like water damage with discoloration, sagging, or buckling in the ceiling. Finally, termites are known for feeding deep within wood until it becomes hollow. Therefore, keep an eye out for any weakened wood structures from furniture to doors, windows to supports. If possible, give them a gentle knock – you will soon hear the difference between a full and hollow structure.


Not only do rodents provide a source of annoyance and inconvenience, they can cause long-term damage. Over time, they try to get access to more areas which will see them chew holes in surfaces and even into electrical wiring. If not dealt with, repairs can be expensive and you might have to deal with power outages and short circuits. Of course, this is all before we mention their urine and feces which is full to the brim with bacteria. So what are the key signs? If there are dusty corners in your home, look for little footprints. Depending on the size, you should be able to differentiate between mice and rats as the latter can leave footprints of up to an inch in size. Rather than sitting on the couch with you as you watch the hockey, rodents are more likely to keep out of sight. However, they do show their faces from time to time because they get pushed out of the walls by insects and other pests. If you see a rodent in broad daylight, this suggests a problem with more than just rodents so give Spartan Pest Control a call, we specialize in Rodent Control. As well as a weak bladder, rodents leave droppings regularly so you can look for these signs around your home. More commonly, they are seen in kitchens whether it is in the cupboards, cabinets, or behind appliances. Furthermore, rodents are also known to leave signs inside furniture and along the walls.


Much like termites, cockroaches send a shiver down the spine and they cause stress in homes because of the cost and effort required to have them removed. Although they don’t quite have the same damage potential as rodents or termites, they can leave homeowners emotionally distressed (especially when seen in the bedroom). Additionally, they pose a threat to inhabitants’ health since they transmit allergies and health disorders. Let’s put an end to this problem by checking for the following. Ultimately, cockroach droppings are easy to spot but they can vary depending on size. While small ones will leave coffee ground or black pepper-sized feces, larger ones could leave cylindrical droppings – the more droppings, the more cockroaches. As with rodents, they generally don’t make themselves seen during the day because they are nocturnal. They won’t be invisible 100% of the time so you may see a live or dead cockroach during the day. With German cockroaches they produce a certain odor thanks to secretions in their body. With a large enough infestation, you will start to smell the odor in the affected room. As soon as they leave their eggs behind, the cockroaches will leave it in what they call home or base – wherever they spend most their time. As they mature, cockroaches will also leave their skin behind which is another vital sign. Check out our Cockroach Treatments today.


If you happen to see any of these signs of an infestation, you shouldn’t be put off the property immediately. Nowadays, Spartan Pest Control can remove infestations effectively and efficiently so make sure we are your first call. After assessing the damage and extent of the problem, we will come up with the strategy we believe to be most effective. Once you have a professional in place, you can have the infestation removed before moving in. You don’t have to give up on your dream home just because you see some droppings. If you have a professional and reliable service, the problem will be removed in no time! If you or someone you know is experiencing a wasp issue, contact Spartan Pest Control today, our technicians are standing by to assist you right away. We provide services in Calgary, and surrounding areas. Be Safe, get the job done by a professional and finally start enjoying your summers!

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