Why We Should All Respect Wasps – 5 Fantastic Reasons

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Why We Should All Respect Wasps – 5 Fantastic Reasons

Wasp Control, Is It Needed?

In the world, there are hundreds of languages, cultures, and seas that keep different countries and therefore people separated. However, there seems to be one thing that connects us all and that is a universal hate for wasps and hornets. Regardless of whether you have been stung or not in the past, most homeowners don’t like having this potential danger buzzing around them or their children, especially when allergic. Over time, we have come to think of wasps as annoying, picnic-destroying, noise-making creatures that go around stinging people just for fun, this isn’t entirely true.

Before we head into the bulk of this article, we should first lay down a premise – we know that wasp stings hurt. Not only are they painful at the time of contact, they continue to sting, itch, and burn for up to several hours later, sometimes longer. In addition to this, the venom itself contains a pheromone which other wasps see as an invitation to join in on the attack. We fully understand why there is a certain fear that exists around wasps and their behavior. In fact, you could go so far as to say that disliking wasps is ‘reasonable’. However, everyone should understand the importance of these insects towards our ecosystem and how they can actually be a benefit, wasps truly are amazing insects with a lot to offer.

Often, it is the fear of something that makes it seem worse when this just isn’t the case. Of course, we have discussed what wasps ‘can’ do, but this isn’t common since they don’t just fly around stinging people at will. Wasp Control may not be needed or required if the nest location isn’t a direct threat to humans. Today, we are going to explain the top five reasons why wasps should be respected and treated with care.

Reason #1: Eating Nuisance Garden Pests

First and foremost (if you’re a keen gardener), wasps are a fantastic natural pest control solution for you and your gardens. As parasitic creatures, their natural diet includes leaf beetle larvae, flies, aphids, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and more. Essentially, this means that they play a very important role in the native landscape which is shared with the famous honey bee. To prevent huge insect pest infestations, wasps work at low population densities and are extremely effective at what they do. Per one study, over two pounds of insects can be removed from a 2,000 square foot garden by just one colony of yellow jackets, that’s a lot! Imagine the chemicals and control that would be needed without the help of these black and white natural predators.

Reason #2: They Pollinate

Over the years, we have come to see honey bees as the main pollinators in the world. However, bee numbers are quickly and steadily dwindling which means that other animals are taking up the reins, this includes wasps as well as Flies, butterflies, moths, bats, beetles, birds and more. Without wasps, crops would suffer because they feed on most plants that can self-pollinate including cucumber, zucchini, melon, and squash. Wasps are pollinators, and they don’t even know it!

Reason #3: Improve Our Wine…Seriously Though!

At first, you might think we are making this little fact up as a sneaky plot to make you dislike wasps a little less, but there is in fact a link between the insect and our beloved wine. How you ask? When wasps start to bite into the grapes, the fermentation process begins as they remain on the vines. As they spread yeast, the flavor improves and we are the ultimate beneficiaries of this. Although there are some other insects that carry yeast and can do the same job, and better, only insects that can sting can store yeast during the colder months before passing this trait onto their young. This trait is quite evident in Calgary, Pest Control Calgary sees a large abundance of wasp activity in and around the wineries and orchards.

Reason #4: Save Our Citrus Fruits

Called both the yellow dragon disease as well as citrus greening, this is a serious problem that affects the world’s supply of citrus fruits year after year. Especially in North America, this is a common problem for oranges, lemons, and grapefruit and it was first spotted way back in the 1920s. Sadly, this disease is spread around by the Asian virus psyllid. However, guess what insect is a natural predator and can therefore reduce the problem and protect our citrus fruits? You got it, the wasp. In truth, it is a very specific species of wasp and it is called Tamarixia Radiata. Basically, if we have an abundance of wasps on the planet, our citrus fruits stand a far better chance at survival, and who doesn’t love a good glass of orange juice!

Reason #5: Improve Performance in Animals

Finally, there are also some common problems that exist for calves, mainly different types of flies and insects. Not only do they provide discomfort for calves, they can increase the chances of seeing diseases spread through cattle and ultimately result in death and reduced livestock numbers. When pre-weaned calves live in an enclosed space, this problem magnifies somewhat as there is no way for them to escape the bites of fly activity. Luckily, parasitic wasps use fly pupae for reproduction. After putting a hole into the puparium, they lay the egg inside the encasement allowing the wasp to develop quickly with a meal waiting to be consumed as soon as the wasp is able to feed. This tactic from the wasps is thought to kill 75% of the fly population that would in turn cause these issues for cattle and their young. Since this problem is usually controlled, calves are healthier, we see our production of milk increase, and diseases that are transmitted from flies are decreased dramatically.


There we have it, five very good reasons why we should learn to appreciate such an amazing insect. Next time a wasp flies around your head or lands on your picnic table, think about these benefits and the positive impact they have in the world. Don’t forget, there are some animals and insects out there that are a lot worse when it comes to causing unnecessary harm to humans, buildings, and vegetation! If you or someone you know is experiencing a wasp issue, contact Spartan Pest Control today, our technicians are standing by to assist you right away. We provide services in Calgary, and surrounding areas. Be Safe, get the job done by a professional and finally start enjoying your summers!

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